Pleasant touch: massages in Bad Schallerbach

Massages not only mechanically affect the musculature, massages in Bad Schallerbach also affect the autonomic nervous system and the pain memory. Your body reacts to the different massages, which contributes to pain alleviation and better healing in many ways. Discover different massages in Bad Schallerbach for yourself: from connective tissue massages to medicinally highly effective lymphatic drainages to the Dorn Breuss method for the spine.

Pleasant touch: massages in Bad Schallerbach

Massages offered at Physikarium

  • Classic massages (15, 30 or 45 min)
  •  Lymph drainage  (30 min or 45 min)

A gentle pump and drainage technique to remove lymph fluid blockages following injury or an operation.

  • Foot reflex zone massage (30 min)

Strong manual stimulation of the foot leads to a reflex reaction throughout the whole body.

  • Acupuncture massage acc. to Penze (30 min)

A treatment to adjust tension:  using a wand, flowing strokes with a massage wand along the Chinese meridians remove energy blockages and congestion.

  • Connective tissue massage (30 min)

The connective tissue massage is a stimulus massage. This has segmental-reflex on the tissue layers of our skin and our internal organs. The metabolism is stimulated, blood circulation in the skin is strengthened and blockages are removed.

  • Dorn Breuss massage (60 min)  

The method according to Dorn is a technique in which the ligaments between the spinous and transverse processes of the spine are loosened by gentle pressure so that displaced or loose vortices can again slide back into its original position. The Breuss Massage is a stretching and gentle massage, which is coated with pure St. John's wort oil on the spine. It solves mental and physical tension and it is also the ideal preparation for the subsequent treatment of the spine according to Dorn.

Do you have questions about massages in Bad Schallerbach? Consult with the competent Physikarium team and find out about the application and effectiveness of different treatments.

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