Warmly wrapped: thermotherapy in Bad Schallerbach

Thermotherapy entails the targeted application of cold or warmth. Para-mudpacks give your body beneficial warmth, which improves perfusion, loosens tissue, and alleviates musculoskeletal pains and inflammations. Para-mudpacks in Bad Schallerbach are also used as massage preparation.

Thermotherapy in Bad Schallerbach

Para-mudpacks for more well-being

Para-mudpacks consist of a volcanic rock and paraffin mix. The disc heated up to more than 50 °C is applied to the bodily region to be treated for approx. 25 min. This form of thermotherapy stimulates the metabolism and blood circulation, the musculature relaxes. Mudpacks neither strain the circulation nor the body as the pleasant warming effect can penetrate the deeper layers of the organism. At the end of the warmth treatment, the disc is simply pulled off the skin.

Best ask your GP or the Bad Schallerbach therapists about the comfortable, highly compatible thermotherapy with para-mudpacks and soon enjoy the cosy warmth and distinct pain alleviation.

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