Good old poultice: therapy in Bad Schallerbach

You doubtlessly came into contact with grandma’s ultimate household remedy, the poultice: potato poultice against coughs, lard poultice against sore throats or antipyretic vinegar poultice. Warm, cool and cold poultices for therapy directly affect the body without straining it. Poultices are used for pain alleviation and relaxation or against inflammation at Bad Schallerbach Physikarium.

Poultices for therapyin Bad Schallerbach

Enjoy a poultice for therapy at Physikarium!

The following poultices are used for therapy at Bad Schallerbach Physikarium:

  • Curd poultices (cool)

Decongestant and anti-inflammatory to treat venous problems and swollen joints

  • Mud poultices (cool)

Like curd poultice, yet more desiccative

  • Salt poultices (cold)

Purifying and draining

  • Hay poultices (warm)

Relaxing, metabolism-activating, circulation-stimulating, pain-alleviating and calming

If you appreciate cosy warm treatments, a para-mudpack will certainly do you good! A medicinal bath in the whirlpool can do wonders too. Relax after your therapy poultice at the Tropicana Cabrio thermal spa lagoon. Whatever you plan on doing: You are welcome at Physikarium in Bad Schallerbach!

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