Healing with sulphur: health centre in Bad Schallerbach

Nothing for hypersensitive noses, but a blessing for rheumatism patients and people with musculoskeletal pains: the water of Bad Schallerbach sulphur thermal spa. More than 40 therapists support you during your ambulant treatments or cure in Bad Schallerbach. Ailments of the musculoskeletal system, rheumatism, joint pains and circulatory disorders are successfully treated with thermal sulphur water at Physikarium, the health centre in Bad Schallerbach.

Sulphur water therapies at Physikarium in Bad Schallerbach

Sulphur and more: cure and therapy in Bad Schallerbach

The focus oft he Physikarium lies on treating sufferings holistically. Thus, alongside with sulphur therapies, a number of other methods of treatment are used in Bad Schallerbach: medicinal training therapy,  physical medicine, stress management, and constitutional lifestyle changes help lead to prevention, healing and permanently staying healthy. Of course, you can also spoil yourself with many different spa treatments during your cure in Bad Schallerbach!


The following sulphur water therapies are offered:

  • Health bath (approx. 20 min)
  • Pressure water jet massage
  • Individual underwater gymnastics (25 min)
  • Group underwater gymnastics (25 min) (in thermal sulphur water in the crystal pool)


Substances contained in the water at Bad Schallerbach sulphur thermal spa:

  • Approx. 660 mg total mineralisation
  • Approx. 5 mg/l sulphur
  • Temperature approx. 37 °C
  • Originates from a depth of approx. 460 m


Contraindications of thermal baths (also without sulphur):

  • All acute, inflammatory diseases (e.g. rheumatic episodes)
  • Inflammatory skin diseases
  • Fever
  • Poor general condition
  • Cardiovascular weakness
  • Vein diseases and distinct varicose veins


Best consult your doctor before your therapy at Bad Schallerbach sulphur thermal spa!

Enjoy the Bad Schallerbach health centre in the green Hausruckviertel in Upper Austria. Take a look at the four-star superior spa Hotel Paradiso and send a non-binding inquiry for your cure or spa stay!

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