Welcome to Chango & Captain Splash

Ahoy water rats! Welcome to Aquapulco – the action-packed adventure fun park in Bad Schallerbach! Come on board! We are waiting for you in the pirates’ world with many new water-game attractions, a dizzying adventure path and the AquapleX – our awesome 5D cinema.

These are our pirates’ world attractions

One hell of a trip for the bravest pirates among you; for those, who don’t even get intimidated by the threat “I will make you go off the high dive”. This slide is not for ordinary seamen or scaredy-pants! Slide down quickly like an arrow with a 50% slope! And when speed is written all over your face, a *click* sound will be heard! Take a snapshot of your power dive in the Aquapark in Bad Schallerbach home with you.

Enjoy the family sliding fun on the world’s longest sssssssssnake. And don’t forget to say “cheeeese” as you go downwards! We take a picture of you in motion for your photo album. You can see the snapshot as soon as you get “spat out” by the Snaky.

Die Krake
"The octopus" - an action-packed slide adventure – rush on double tires right through the tentacles of the octopus and a stranded pirate ship. Including computer-animated effects, time measurement and gold ducats! Moreover, they say "smile!", because a picture is also taken here!

Black Jack - NEW from 29th June 2019!
Look forward to "Black Jack"! You'll rock the Pirate World Aquapulco on our brand new smart slide! For the first time you can design your sliding experience yourself. On our website you will be able to design your own personal slide with specific sound and light effects in all colours. The absolute top highlight of the summer! You will learn more about it here soon!

About 20,000 litres per minute flush you through the rapids and grottos. The ultimate splash experience for you and all of your pirates friends, who can’t get enough of the white water. And who knows, maybe you will be told, at which secret place in the Aquapulco, the aqua-park in Austria, a treasure can be found. Because it’s the treasure hunt that determines every pirate’s life.

In the Aquapulco pirates’ world you can expect awesome sliding fun

Every half hour a seawave-storm springs up in Aquapulco’s pirates’ bay in Bad Schallerbach. It is an incredible swinging experience for all water rats. Go through the pirates’ grotto with your friends or alone. In the beach area the 6m high “Funny Splash” awaits you with 2 slides and the huge waterfall – a mega-wet fun for the whole family!

Pirates’ bay with funny splash ath the Pirates World in Bad Schallerbach

There is always something going on in the pirates’ bay! Our head pirate “Captian Splash” stages here exciting music, water, light and fire shows for the younger and older water rats. Every hour, on the hour and half hour, the captain announces the thundery wave-storm. Come on deck when Captain Splash is calling for you.

Pirates’ Show in the leisure park in Upper Austria

Swing from one liana to the next through the adventure park in Upper Austria and climb up to Chango’s living room. His adventure path is a 100 metre long high circular route above the pirates’ bay. If you are not afraid of heights, you can get at dizzy heights from one viewing platform to the next via chain and robe bridges and through crawling tunnels. This way you can explore the fascinating pirates’ world from above.

Chango’s adventure path at the Piratew World in Bad Schallerbach

Our indoor water attraction with interactive water toys, water cannons, pumps, water wheels and splash attractions for the little pirates. Splash with your parents and make them wet from head to toe.

Aquamundus + Baller Baller Deck in the leisure park in Austria

The Aquapulco is also a paradise for toddlers! In the spatially divided Baby Bay the youngest children find an island surrounded by palms with crawling and climbing attractions. Small courses of streams, first sliding experiences and water toys await the children. The baby thermal bath in Austria offers a lot for the toddlers and their parents. Separated mother-child-areas with breast-feeding booths, baby change units and a baby galley offer everything mums and dads need, so they don’t have to worry about anything and can draw all their attention towards the youngest pirates, while they are splashing in the water.  The toddlers are best taken care of here and will enjoy their stay in the Aquapulco, where also the parents can perfectly relax.

Water temperature: 36 °C

The new Aquapulco is also a paradise for toddlers

Experience the unique cinema in the new Aquapulco! Visit our 40 seats cinema wearing nothing but your swimwear and 3D glasses! According to the particular film showing, the flexible seats are moving and exciting special effects turn the AquapleX into a 5D cinema. Find yourself in the middle of the adventure! And who knows: may the secret treasure be somewhere here? The tickets are all € 3.00 per person and will be charged on your digital watch at the turnstile at the cinema entrance

Our program:

"The Son of Bigfoot" (duration 12:30 min) - ACTION
Young Adam finally wants to find out who his father is and sets off on a search. The surprise is big: It's the legendary Bigfoot!

"The Good, The Bad and A Horse" (duration 11 min) - ACTION
In the Wild West, a brave young sheriff is pursuing a common villain. After a bank robbery, the villain escapes by train with the help of an extraordinary weapon. But the lawman follows the robber, accompanied by an apple-addicted horse.

Please note the starting times at the cinema entrance.

AquapleX – 5D cinema in the adventure water park in Upper Austria

With a total height of 13 metres we offer you Austria’s biggest water playground in the Aquapulco outdoor area! The new open air ground offers the fun facilities for all water rats! More than 200 interactive water toys, 4 slides and – as an absolute highlight – the giant pirate’s head, which contains up to 3,000 litre water, with the bit “Splash Experience”. Every 4 minutes the content empties over the area. Do you dare to take the ultimate pirate shower in the Captain Splash Pirates’ World?

Captain Splash in the fun park in Austria

Captain Splash & Chango

I am Captain Splash – your host in the Pirates Water-World in Bad Schallerbach, where I found a new home for me and my companion Chango – the little monkey. Visit the pirates’ bay with your family and meet us.

Once upon a time I was sailing with my crew on the southern seas, looking for treasures. Our hunt led us directly to a desert island in the big ocean. It said on our treasure map that on this island a vast treasure was buried. We dug and dug all over the island, but me and my crew could not find a single gold ducat. The only thing we found was a little, feisty monkey, who lived on the island all by himself. It would have offended my pirate’s pride to leave the island without the slightest prey. So I took the little monkey with me and named him “Chango”.

From this day on Chango has never left my side. We became best friends. Chango was always on board with me and accompanied me, Chaptain Splash, and the whole pirates’ crew on our wild adventures. Come and visit us in our new pirates’ hamlet in the Aquapulco – the pirates’ world in Bad Schallerbach!

Arr! Captain Splash & Chango

Captain Splash & Chango pirates’ water-world in Bad Schallerbach
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