AusZeit – adventure sauna in Bad Schallerbach

Relax on three levels with a total comfort area of over 4,000 m² in the sauna mountain village AusZeit located between the thermal spa Tropicana and the Pirate World Aquapulco. Choose from over 40 saunas and relax attractions at the adventure sauna in Upper Austria: from the fragrant oven sauna to the noble relax chalets to the mountain lake with a view.

AusZeit sauna attractions with indoor and outdoor area

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Mountain crystal infusion sauna 80 °C

Feel the positive energy of the mountain crystals in this experience sauna. Fragrances of fruit and herbs provide additional invigoration for body and mind. Singing bowl rituals are carried out several times a day. Cap off your experience by enjoying some refreshing energised spring water.

Mountain crystal sauna

Poacher infusion sauna 90 °C

In this inventive sauna, the hunter (sauna master) stops by personally to turn up the heat for the poachers (our guests), including a proper “rubdown” after the infusion. Nothing for friends of mild temperatures, but a true highlight for real sauna aficionados!

Hot hours in the Poacher Sauna

Mild herbal sauna 55 °C

The gentle warmth and a humidity of around 50% create a pleasant atmosphere in the herbal sauna. You can enjoy the fragrance of various natural mountain herb mixtures and sweat during a longer stay just as intensely as in a hot sauna, including additional deep relaxation.

Relax in the herbal sauna with pleasant 55 °C

Over sauna 70 °C

This experience sauna is made of clay, whose pleasant radiating warmth creates a room temperature that is perfect for unwinding and sweating slowly. The baker, who bakes fresh salt and poppy rolls in the oven and gives them away for free as a small invigoration, stops by several times a day.

Oven sauna with a snack

Infrared parlour with a view

Enjoy the muscle-loosening and calming deep warmth plus a divine view outside in this rustic parlour stretching across four levels, which is equipped with the latest in infrared technology. Permanent skin temperature measurement provides individual warmth; blood circulation is increased and the body’s defences strengthened.

Infrared parlour

Mountain fog steam bath

Warm water steam with select fragrances, such as eucalyptus, mint, mountain pine and fir, create a pleasant steam bath that clears up the respiratory system, and cleans and regenerates the entire body. A different fragrance is used every day in the gentle mountain fog steam bath.

Aroma grottos steam bath

Pick your favourite fragrance and enjoy a gentle, cleansing steam bath in the aroma grottos. You can choose among three grottos: the herbal grotto with pleasant mountain herbs, the fruit grotto with the invigorating fragrance of various fruit and the mountain grotto with forest fragrances and brine.

Enjoy a light, cleansing steam bath

Alpine hut infusion sauna 90 °C

Enjoy the most primal of sauna pleasures in the rustic alpine hut made of up to 500-year-old Finnish polar pines, the so-called “Keloholz”. The Finnish sauna with dry air and high temperatures is the “mother” of all saunas. Look forward to the unique atmosphere and hourly infusions by our sauna master.

Mine sauna 75 °C

Mystical experience sauna in the mine tunnel with open fire – a place of peace where you can sweat gently and let your thoughts run wild. Undisturbed by infusions, you can stay in the mine for as long as you want, because you can come and go here as you please.

Treehouse sauna with a view 75 °C

The treehouse sauna is enthroned on a mighty tree trunk, from which you have a divine view of the sauna mountain village during your sauna session. Special forest experience infusions create the perfect treehouse atmosphere. Pleasant warmth, a crackling open fire, quiet music and the power of the tree invite you to dream!

Tree house sauna - AusZeit

Must barrel experience sauna 85 °C

This must barrel with a capacity of approx. 250,000 l is probably the largest one of its kind in the entire world! The “Most-Bartel” accompanies you through the unique sauna rituals Mostkost, Mostroas and Mostperle. Go on a multimedia journey from the tree blossom to the must, which is the foundation of all sauna rituals!

Most-Fassl sauna with 85 °C

Dirndl spa for ladies

250 m² sauna luxury exclusively for ladies on the second floor of the sauna mountain village AusZeit. Relax in the edelweiss sauna at 75 °C (hourly infusions with fragrances), the rose steam bath at 45 °C and high humidity, and the Luis Trenker infrared warmth cabin. Relax in high-quality rest areas after your sauna fun.

Exklusiver Sauna-Luxus nur für Damen
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