Relaxation rooms in the sauna mountain village AusZeit

Find numerous extraordinary relaxation sites at the thermal spa Bad Schallerbach. From the rustic hay barn to the fragrance stone pine parlour to the multimedia experience Alpinarium. Enjoy relaxation à la carte: in the quiet rooms for reading and meditating, in snug retreats for two, in comfort islands for listening to music. Find out more about all the details!

Relax in the sauna mountain village AusZeit

Hay barn

Relax with gentle light and recharge your batteries in the rustic ambiance of the hay barn. The perfect relaxation room after a sauna session at the thermal spa in Austria.

Hay barn in the sauna mountain village AusZeit

Oven parlour

Relax with beautiful thoughts or a good book around a pleasantly crackling fire. A special relaxing room at the thermal spa Bad Schallerbach.


Stone pine parlour

Enjoy the fragrance and the positive effects of stone pine wood for your health and heart rate on tempered water beds and with gentle music.

Relax in the beautiful stone pine parlour


This dark room, only lit by 37 candles, has an archaic and calming feeling to it. The perfect place for meditation and powerful deep relaxation.

Candles in Bad Schallerbach

Kraxen oven

Sit in an alcove in the hay bath while your pelvis and back muscles are warmed up by fragrant alpine hay. The essential oils contained in the hay have a purifying effect and help to stimulate the metabolism and circulation.

Warm up your muscles in the kraxen oven


The perfect place for idle hours, for meditating and reading. A good book refreshes the mind, stimulates new thoughts and inspires creative ideas.

The library in the sauna mountain village AusZeit


Here you will find deep relaxation after a sauna session at the thermal spa in Austria: Find time to dream alone or for two in this snug place

Relax in the KuschelReich after a sauna session

Dream journey

Pleasant relaxation on the Shiatsu massage chair, relieving tension of the spine and the spinal discs. With various music, speech, light and sound programmes, duration of each programme 10 minutes. For extra payment - prices

Relaxation on the Shiatsu massage chair

Platzl hut

Find places to meditate, cuddle and chat in the indoor and outdoor area of the sauna mountain village AusZeit!


  • Tratsch-Platzl
  • Du-Platzl


  • Ruhe-Platzl
  • Denk-Platzl
  • Kuschel-Platzl
  • Herz-Platzl
Meditate, cuddle and chat in the platzl hut


A relaxation room with pleasant ambiance for a peaceful break after a sauna session. Enjoy relaxed moments wrapped up in your bathrobe.


The perfect place for everyone who loves complete silence! For meditation, a journey to your inner self and to restore your own balance.

Meditate and restore your own balance in the Silentium


Enjoy the pleasant power and comfort of nature while relaxing with every comfort and leaving everyday life far behind

Relaxation and nature - the perfect combination ©fotolia

Alpinarium Multimedia

Go on a unique journey in fascinating mountain worlds with impressive nature and enjoy the multimedia and music experience! Registration with the sauna master.

  • Alpinarium seasons
  • Alpinarium mountain world
  • Alpinarium mountain air
Go on a journey in fascinating mountain worlds


Select the duration according to your skin type and enjoy the sensation of gentle tanning! Start the solarium with your data medium, the price is charged to it automatically.


Water and well-being are two sides of the same coin for you? Discover more relaxation sites at the thermal spa with nudism area in Austria now!

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