Relaxation at the thermal spa with nudism area

Find highly different watery relaxation sites in the sauna mountain village AusZeit, most of which are part of the nudist sauna outdoor area. Cool off between individual sauna sessions without having to put on swimwear. Find exactly the relaxation you’re looking for from the ice-cold diving pool to the pleasantly warm thermal water pool!

Nudist spa in Austria’s experience thermal spa

You can visit the following diving and bathing pools WITHOUT swimwear as part of your visit to the AusZeit sauna mountain village:

Visit these relaxation sites WITH swimwear:

Diving pool for sauna guests

Cool off after a sauna session in the 10 °C diving pool. The Kneipp effect gets your circulation going.

©fotolia Cool off after a sauna session in the 10 °C diving pool

Mountain lake for nudism aficionados

Enjoy nude cooling-off to your heart’s content in the 24 °C mountain lake with views of the relax chalets and the largest must barrel in the world.

©fotolia Enjoy nude cooling-off in the 24 °C mountain lake

Thermal pool for connoisseurs

The outdoor nudism thermal pool is a great addition to your sauna experience with a pleasant water temperature of 34 °C. Tip: nude relaxation on the bubble loungers!

Enjoy nude relaxation on the bubble loungers

Whirlpool without swimwear

Enjoy relaxation in the 36 °C water of this nudist whirlpool! The fusion of body and water temperature combined with the effect of the bubble loungers facilitates complete muscle relaxation.

Relax in the nudist whirlpool

Salt grotto for floating

Float in warm thermal water with elevated sea salt levels in the divine natural stone vault at 35 °C. Tip: Enjoy floating or effervescence for ten minutes and don’t shower afterwards, but let the salt water react with your skin during a 30-minute rest period.

Kneipp pool for astute guests

Pastor Sebastian Kneipp discovered the health-stimulating effect of cold water treatments in the 19th century. Stimulate your circulation and strengthen your blood vessels during a walk through the Kneipp stream in Bad Schallerbach!

Relaxing hours in the sauna mountain village with nudism area are exactly what you’re longing for? Find out more about the opening hours and prices now!

Walk through the Kneipp stream in Bad Schallerbach
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