Tropicana – the South sea thermal spa in Upper Austria

The thermal spa with sandy beach, palm trees, Caribbean lagoon and coral grotto offers a genuine South Sea feeling – try it out! Whether for a day trip, a short getaway or a multi-day spa holiday, look forward to unique experiences at the thermal spa Tropicana at the EurothermenResort Bad Schallerbach!

  • Caribbean feeling at the amazing Cabrio thermal spa in Bad Schallerbach, which opens its roof in fair weather and brings genuine South Sea atmosphere to Upper Austria.
  • Diverse thermal pools with whirl loungers, bubble seats, water massage area, Colorama pool with South Sea cinema and panorama pool with park view, and much more.
  • Health pools for adults with sulphur, salt, iodine and selenium to boost well-being and to actively support health.
  • Coral grotto with 20,000-l sea aquarium for a trip to the underwater world of the Caribbean at the thermal spa in Bad Schallerbach.

Cabrio thermal spa with South Sea flair

Here you can enjoy a tropical South Sea feeling in every season! While relaxing at the thermal spa Tropicana, you’re only a breezy, 14-m-high and 1,000 m² winter garden away from the palm beach with Caribbean lagoon. The glass roof opens when the sun is shining and the temperatures outside are pleasant, allowing to you to bathe at the most beautiful sandy beach far and wide!

Thermal pools and Caribbean lagoon

  • Thermal lagoon 35 °C
    With whirl loungers, bubble seats, massage jets and pool bar. The Caribbean lagoon is the ideal place to kick back with its direct connection to the outdoor pool, and view of the Cabrio thermal spa and the sandy Tropicana beach.
  • Colorama pool 34 °C
    Bathing fun like in the Caribbean in the shaded pool area with relaxing underwater music and 15 m cinema screen, on which exclusive movies of South Sea beaches are shown.
  • Panorama pool 34 °C and whirl yacht 36 °C
    Panorama outdoor pool with whirl fun in the water massage area and pure relaxation in the water-filled hull of the South Sea yacht for up to eight people.
Thermal pools and Caribbean temperatures

Health pools in the South Sea thermal spa

  • Sulphur grotto – the “yellow Gold” 38 °C
    The healing water stimulates the blood circulation, alleviates pain and has an anti-inflammatory effect. Suited for treating degenerative diseases of the musculoskeletal system.
  • Brine bath – the “white gold” 36 °C
    The brine has an anti-inflammatory, pain-alleviating and relaxing effect, strengthens the body’s defences, has a positive effect on the skin, and moisturises the respiratory system.
  • Iodine selenium health bath – the “fountain of youth” 36 °C
    This bath has a positive affect on thyroid glands, invigorates the body’s defences, slows down the ageing process, stunts the formation of free radicals, and relieves stress.
  • How to use the health pools correctly
    Bathe for ten minutes in this healing water and don’t shower afterwards, but let its substances take effect for around 30 minutes. The health pools in Bad Schallerbach are 1.35 m deep and not suited for children.
Health Pools in Bad Schallerbach

Coral grotto in the South Sea thermal spa

The thermal spa Tropicana in Upper Austria has a special Caribbean highlight – the coral grotto, where you can relax on bubble seats while observing colourful sea dwellers in the 2.6 m wide and 6 m high aquarium with a capacity of 20,000 l. When designing the 24 to 26 °C sea water aquarium great store was set that the various types of fish get along well with one another.

Caribbean-Highlight - the coral grotto
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