House and bathing rules of the EurothermenResorts

Valid for the thermal spas, saunas and hotel spa facilities in Bad Schallerbach, Bad Hall and Bad Ischl.

Dear guests,

We would like to offer you a warm welcome and wish you a pleasant stay at the Eurothermen.

We ask you to respect the following house and bathing rules, which are accepted by the visitor upon paying for admission and receiving a data chip (transponder) and are therefore binding.


H O U S E and B A T H I N G   R U L E S


Use of the leisure area facilities at the Eurothermen is only permitted with a valid data chip.

  • Please take care not to lose the data chip. We advise fastening it to your wrist as it is needed for entering and exiting the site.
  • In case of loss, a replacement fee of EUR 25 must be paid.
  • Unused VIP card credit will not be refunded as it retains its validity.
  • Your data chip will be revoked in the event of improper use of the access authorisation.
  • Bathing guests must conduct themselves in a manner that does not endanger safety, order and cleanliness inside the thermal spa.
  • Redeemed admissions and vouchers (value or service) will not be refunded. Vouchers that have been lost or not redeemed will not be replaced or refunded. Please check your change immediately as subsequent claims will not be accepted.
  • For security reasons, certain areas of the thermal spa are monitored by video surveillance. All recordings are only reviewed by management and the police in the event of suspicions circumstances. This is for security purposes and to protect the property of both guests and the company.
  • Persons in need of help or supervision due to severe physical or mental disability may only visit the thermal spa with an accompanying person of full age. This also applies to those prone to convulsions, fainting or bouts of epilepsy and to persons with cardiovascular diseases.
  • Persons suffering from infections or nauseous diseases, skin rashes or open wounds and those with soiled clothing or bodies and those who are inebriated or under the influence of intoxicating substances are forbidden from entering the site.
  • Non-swimmers and children under the age of 12 may only enter the spa with the supervision of a suitable and responsible person.
  • Animals are not permitted in the thermal spa.
  • Those trespassing on the site and the facilities or who deliberately fail to pay or attempt to avoid paying admission, or who use services subject to a charge without paying will be immediately expelled from the spa and may face criminal charges.
  • Emergency exits must be kept clear and may not by blocked by loungers, chairs or other items.
  • Provided they actually use it, each guest may only reserve one seat or lounger with towels, bags or other items. Seats and loungers that remain unused for a longer period of time may be cleared by the thermal spa staff themselves or at guests’ request. Guests are given precise instructions with regard to clearing occupied lounging areas in specially designated areas.
  • The barefoot area may not be accessed with outdoor shoes.
  • Please ensure that you wash your entire body before using the bathing facilities or the sauna.
  • All guests must pay attention to the heightened risk of accidents in public baths due to wet areas. Special caution is advised in all of the guest areas. You should always wear slip-resistant bathing shoes outside the pools.
  • As regards swimwear, please respect other bathers and/or the bathing attendants’ instructions. All pools may only be entered in swimwear (one-piece bathing costume, bikini, swimming trunks, etc.) made from permitted fabrics.



  • Public displays of affection must be kept to an absolute minimum. Please refrain entirely from such behaviour in the bathing facilities (sauna cabins, steam baths, whirlpools, bathing pools, etc.) and lounging areas. Intimate behaviour will result in expulsion from the premises – without reimbursement of admission fees already paid – and criminal charges.
  • Alcohol must be consumed in moderation. Management reserves the right to limit the number of alcoholic drinks served to each guest and to forbid intoxicated guests from further consumption or ban them from the spa should they pose a hazard or disruption to other guests, without reimbursement of used services and admission fees.
  • Please do not consume any food and drinks that you have brought with you on the premises.
  • For reasons of hygiene, you may only use seating and lounging areas, especially in the sauna and the restaurant, with a bath towel or bathrobe.
  • For reasons of hygiene, the saunas may not be entered with bathing shoes/sandals. Shoes/sandals must be left in front of the cabin.
  • The sauna area “AusZeit” and Relaxium Bad Hall and Relaxium Bad Ischl are garment-free zones. These areas are not nudist facilities, however. You must cover yourself with a bathrobe or towel after using the sauna and after the necessary cool-down time. This also applies to the gastronomic areas.
  • Only guests aged 16 and over may access the relax chalets at EurothermenResort Bad Schallerbach.
  • Use of the water attraction is entirely at your own risk – parents are responsible for their children!
  • In the case of group visits, teachers (for students) and the responsible official (for clubs and other organisations) must ensure that the house and bathing rules are complied with and must assume full responsibility (compulsory attendance). They must seek the consent of the monitoring body as regular bathing activities may not be disturbed.
  • The operator is only liable for property, particularly money or valuables, within the scope of the legal/insurance regulations. This only applies if the items were stored in a duly closed locker.
  • The operator is not liable for damage (also applies for swimwear) arising from disregard of the house and bathing rules, information signs or notices by the bathing monitoring bodies, actual fault of the claimant, higher power or third persons. All instructions of use must be adhered to.
  • No liability is assumed for slight negligence on the part of the bathing attendants.
  • The Eurothermen staff exercises domestic authority over all visitors.

  • All guests must conduct themselves in a manner that does not disturb any other guest. They must obey the house and bathing rules and the instructions by the bathing attendants in the interests of orderly and smooth operation.

  • The staff reserves the right to bar guests endangering safety and order, disturbing other guests or violating these house and bathing rules from further use. In such cases, admission fees will not be reimbursed. In the case of non-compliance with these instructions, guests will render themselves liable to prosecution for breach of domestic peace.

  • Use of flippers and snorkels, air mattresses, inflatable pool animals and other disruptive paraphernalia is not permitted.

  • It is not permitted to jump into any of the pools.

  • Management may fully or partially restrict the use of facilities of the thermal spa at any time (e.g. operational disturbances, improvement works, inspections). Claims against the operator or for reduction of the admission fee paid are therefore excluded.

  • In order to maintain the recreational value for our guests, the number of guests is limited. Once the upper limit has been reached, no further guests can be admitted.

  • All guests are liable for damages caused due to improper use, culpable contamination or damage to the thermal spa or third parties.

  • Parents or legal guardians are responsible for damages caused by children.

  • Use of the guest car park is at your own risk.



Bad Schallerbach, 1 February 2016

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