Salt and brine: therapy in the Salzkammergut

The Austrian imperial family already knew about the healing effect of salt and therapies with brine. The regular visits to the Bad Ischl spas by court nobility made Bad Ischl health resort well known all across Europe. A therapy in the Salzkammergut is for prevention, alleviation and healing. The natural remedies salt, sulphur and brine mud have a pleasant healing effect on the respiratory system, the musculoskeletal system, burn-out syndromes and functional or chronically inflammable dysfunctions. Take advantage of proven healing methods that have been refined for centuries and are combined with modern therapeutic approaches on your cure in Bad Ischl.

General Information - Cure in Bad Ischl

Therapy in the Salzkammergut: general information

  • Therapy times: Monday to Saturday morning and on appointment
  • Therapy plan / cure prescription: The therapy plan for your cure in Bad Ischl is prescribed by the in-house cure doctor or local cure doctors
  • Compensation: depends on social insurance. Reimbursement according to insurance rates is possible.

Learn about which services of your cure in Bad Ischl are covered by your health and social insurance.


Services of your health / social insurance

For self-pay patients the following applies:

  • You can obtain this from your general practitioner, consultant, spa doctor or a doctor in a hospital outpatient clinic.
  • Subject to authorisation by the health insurance fund, you can then commence treatment immediately (or upon receipt of the authorisation). (If you want to be sure of how many and which treatments you are allowed to have, obtain authorisation from your insurer before your therapy starts).
  • The treatments will be scheduled at reception and are payable in advance (according to the treatment schedule).
  • After your last treatment you will receive a complete and precise invoice from us that you can submit to your insurer together with your prescription.

Treatments, that can be prescribed:

  • OÖ GKK (Upper Austrian regional health fund): 3 x 6 treatments per prescription
  • Teachers (LKUF): please visit the LKUF-website for detailled information
  • Public employees of regional governments (KFL): Three times within a 5-year period currently a lump sum (currently € 800 resp) will be assumed
  • KFG / KFL: Three times within a 5-year period currently a lump sum (currently € 800 resp. 1.155) will be assumed
  • SVA: 3 x 10 treatments per prescription

Direct settlement:

Direct settlement agreements have been concluded with the following health funds (duration: 3-weeks minimum)

  • BVA - in case of hotel reservation in our Hotel Royal****
  • BSA - in case of reservation in KOV- Kur- und Erholungsheim Bad Ischl

Additional and more detailed information can be obtained from your respective insurance institution!

Despite taking every care we cannot accept responsibility for the correctness of this information! Status January 2016.


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Fax: 0043 6132 204 2740

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