Healing with sulphur: health centre in Bad Schallerbach

The pleasant and healing thermal sulphur water effervesces from a depth of approx. 460 m with a temperature of 37 °C and flows directly into the therapy pools. The water’s high sulphur content is the foundation for many therapies in Bad Schallerbach: More than 60 doctors, physiotherapists and health experts support you during your ambulant treatments or cure in Bad Schallerbach. Ailments of the musculoskeletal system, rheumatism, joint pains and circulatory disorders are successfully treated with thermal sulphur water at Physikarium, the health centre in Bad Schallerbach.

Healing with sulphur: Health Centre Bad Schallerbach

Sulphur and more: cure and therapy in Bad Schallerbach

The Physikarium focus lies on treating ailments holistically. Thus, sulphur therapies in Bad Schallerbach aside, a number of other methods of treatment are used: medicinal training therapy, Tergumed equipment training with bio-feedback, physical medicine, stress management, and constitutional lifestyle changes serve prevention, healing and permanently staying healthy. Of course, you can also spoil yourself with many different spa treatments during your cure in Bad Schallerbach!

Welcome to the Bad Schallerbach health centre in the green Hausruckviertel in Upper Austria. Take a look at the four-star superior spa Hotel Paradiso and send a non-binding inquiry for your cure or spa stay!

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