Where strength lies in tranquillity.
Where strength lies in tranquillity.

Therme Bad Hall Upper Austria

Harmony. For body and soul alike. For everyone.

A place where I can find peace. Where I become healthy. Where I arrive. With me. Have time to recharge. In a place full of strength, energy and stillness.

The Bad Hall spa is such a place. A place full of peace, relaxation, strength. And lots of everything. In the middle of a beautiful park. In a Mediterranean ambience. Whether it's soothing baths in thermal water bubblers and pools, relaxation in the Roman baths or the sauna world - Therme Bad Hall doesn't just offer a short break. It offers a new level of relaxation.

For everyone. Because even the little guests have their own spa area at their disposal

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Where it's all about me.

Immerse yourself in Mediterranean flair. Only 37 km from Linz. For a few hours. Or even several days. Let yourself fall. In relaxation. Peace and quiet. And relaxation. At the Bad Hall thermal baths. And the 4* Spa Hotel Miraverde.

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„Silence is the breathing of the world.“

Friedel-Marie Kuhlmann